We are proud to be able to offer dental services for our clients.

Did you know that dogs have 42 permanent teeth while cats have 30?

Dental disease is more important than most people realize. Signs of dental disease in your pet include discolored teeth, bad breath, difficulty eating, and red, swollen gums and are frequently diagnosed during annual exams. It can lead to many health problems, including heart, liver, and kidney disease as it travels through the bloodstream.

Our dental services include ultrasonic teeth cleaning, scaling, polishing, and performing dental extractions. With our digital dental x-ray unit, we are also able to perform high-quality intra-oral x-rays that aid in diagnosing dental disease.

During your pet’s annual exam, the doctors will complete an oral health assessment and provide advice on home dental care, which may include teeth brushing, special dental care diets, and treats.

If you have any questions about dental health or the services we offer, please contact us today at (415) 453-7372.