One never wants to be the “interesting” case but if your pet has a complex or difficult problem to diagnose, we welcome those challenges. We work with state-of-the-art laboratories and can access any known veterinary medical testing procedure available in the United States.

We often send our test to laboratories throughout the U.S if needed. We also work very closely with a boarded veterinary internist, Dr. Amy Allen who provides consultative advice and can come to our hospital to perform endoscopies and other procedures involving GI and respiratory systems.


Dogs and cats can get heart disease just like humans. In fact, many of their heart conditions are identical to those found in people. Good cardiovascular health is critical to a long, healthy life. We work closely with Dr. Lori Drourr of Veterinary Cardiology Partners

MEET DR. DROURR | Dr. Lori Drourr, Veterinary Cardiology Partners. Dr. Drourr is a board-certified veterinary cardiologist who can perform most cardiac evaluations including cardiac ultrasound and EKG evaluation here at our hospital and when possible, in the comfort of your own home.